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The mission of an Entrepreneur is not mastering logistics, marketing, accounting or any other function: there are many specialists for these jobs. The Entrepreneur must identify the right experts and delegate day-to-day jobs to them, in order to secure the time to dedicate himself on his own mission: Leading his company to be the next big thing.

In the new era of entrepreneurship the entrepreneur must leave the model of “providers” and become the Leader, the Influencer, the Owner of know-how for a project or a product, one needs to craft an Exemplary Entrepreneurship Behavior.

What makes an entrepreneur an authentic leader of his market? How does a successful entrepreneur communicate with clients, providers and his team? How is a successful entrepreneur different from a successful ex- employee of a large company? How can an entrepreneur be ready to succeed in a competitive market even at difficult times? How does a successful entrepreneur set his paradigm and leave his own trace on the market? Is the entrepreneur a salesman, a manager, or much more? So many questions that lead to one answer: adopting a set of behavior which is Exemplary Entrepreneurship Behavior.


  • Become an entrepreneurial behavior example for your Clients, your Team and the Market
  • Handle the psychological factor of “being an entrepreneur” in a gig economy into difficult times
  • Re-enforce and continuously focus on your commitment to your decision of starting your own business
  • Effectively answer “what makes you a better choice”
  • Being coached during your next steps to achieve inspiring but at the same time realistic goals