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Organizations understand that intellectual capital and talent are critical to their strategic success. Strategic HR requires developing a structured, thorough and coherent framework linking organizational talent pools to business strategic objectives. Influencing decisions that affect people can be combined with fostering Learning in the following ways:

  • indicate developmental needs for leaders and employees based on the selection process results and set the criteria for accurate assessment. In this way, a process of continuous Learning is established and supported.
  • equip line leaders to make good people decisions. Instead of teaching rules, strategic HR can communicate leaders the organizational vision and philosophy in every HR discipline (eg. staffing, talent management). This leads to better talent decisions by non-HR decision makers, and enhances the influence of HR practitioners in the organization.


We provide the tools for a company to evolve from the current professional practice of HR to the emerging notion of "talentship". In specific:

  • We provide sound frameworks, tools, and processes to get the work done. Organisation and People Planning Process (O3P) is the umbrella concept which ties together the strategic corporate business plan with a solid and comprehensive HR plan.
  • We help you identify where an investment of HR effort will have the greatest impact on the business. This involves exploring organizational goals and principles, the design of the HR organization itself and finally the talent necessary to drive execution.
  • We help you develop specific change objectives and an action plan for achieving high priority goals.
  • We help you build capabilities and transfer the know-how you will need for the future