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Systemic Coaching in a Greek Manufacturing company
Focusing on key individuals in the course of challenging business reorientation

The Need

Our client, a longstanding Greek industrial company went through a series of thorough restructuring plans due to an extensive reformulation of its core business strategy. To support the broader organization advance into the new era, in terms of business objectives and priorities, the GM agreed on a systemic coaching programme. The latter was designed to provide a large team of key Departmental Directors and Managers with the tools and behaviors required to manage solid inter-/intra-departmental teams to foster flexible, quick and all-embracing responses to market and company requests.

The Solution

Working with HRP in the past, the company had built its own competency model, according to which the GM and the Directors evaluated the participants’ leadership profile and focused on specific development areas to work on. We jointly designed an 8-month long development programme comprised of six 1 on 1 coaching sessions, with intermediate periods of action-plan implementation and practice. The first two sessions were invested into gaining more insight and reflection of individual’s needs, using various diagnostic tools and role-plays. Sessions 3 and 4 are focused on the momentum and enthusiasm required by the participant to keep on trying new behaviors and build confidence for upcoming challenges, whilst sessions 5 and 6 will ensure repetition and transfer of skills to new situations and teams.


The first round of coaching sessions helped the key actors to broaden their insight and reflect on various issues for discussion in future sessions. Each coaching session was concluded with a concrete action plan to be delivered by the participant for next meeting. This process intensified people’s motivation to work on concrete everyday assignments of primary concern for them personally, whilst experimenting with novel behaviors and skills. This has led to observed changes in people’s communication skills and intra-company cooperation. The project is still in progress. For more details and info please contact us.

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