Envision the path ahead

The traditional coaching language uses the idea of the equilibrium to refer to “weaknesses” of the individual that have to be remedied, and to “strengths”, which will compensate for the lack of other qualities.  We feel that focusing on “strengths” and “weaknesses” fosters a static and evaluative mindset. This approach fails to see the qualities of the individual in context and consider motives and real-world practice opportunities.

In HRP, we propose a different approach which values the individual.

– Our role in coaching is to help the executive make an informed decision on the goals of the coaching process and take full responsibility for their development.

 – We believe that people have all the necessary resources for their personal development. By setting questions, confronting positively and giving honest feedback, the HRP Coach offers the individual the support needed to discover and make use of these resources.

Coaching Programmes 

Strategic Coaching
Sparring with a senior coach whose strategic and behavioural literacy reinforces stamina and stimulates evolution.
Executive Coaching
Raising awareness of individual characteristics and the impact when overused. The 3 agendas (business, leadership and personal) are examined comparatively and inform each other.
Implementation coaching
Coaching combined with training and facilitation, as part of any serious organizational initiative. Transfer at work involves coaching in real settings.