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Unleash the full potential of your team with our Talent Management Services. From strategic recruitment to personalized development plans, we guide organizations in nurturing and retaining top-tier talent, ensuring a dynamic and resilient workforce for sustained success.


  • HR Training:
    HRP provides training for HR professionals to learn how to enhance and make use of talent management process and tools for a critical mass of employees. See also:
    – Open Programmes / HR Influencing. Find out more here.
    – Train the Trainer Programmes.

  • Double Call Observation:
    HRP provides field observation for sales reps. A short discussion on objectives and possible obstacles proceeds the double call, while detailed feedback is offered to the participants and the sponsors of the programme.  The participant receives a report based on a set of originally formulated, behaviourally anchored rating scale (BARS). A unique service in Greece.
    See a sample report: Double Call Observation Sample Report

  • Competency Modelling Services:
    Craft a roadmap for success with our Competency Modelling services. We collaborate with you to precisely define the skills, knowledge, and behaviors essential for thriving at various levels of responsibility. Elevate your workforce’s potential and ensure strategic alignment for sustained achievement.

  • Strategic Recruitment Solutions:
    Identify and attract top-tier talent tailored to your organizational needs through our strategic recruitment services. We leverage industry insights and cutting-edge methods to build a workforce that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.

  • Performance Evaluation Systems:
    Streamline and enhance your performance evaluation processes with our innovative systems. We offer customized solutions to assess and optimize individual and team performances, providing actionable insights for continuous improvement.

  • Employee Engagement Initiatives:
    Foster a positive and productive workplace culture through our employee engagement initiatives. From surveys to targeted programs, we help you create a work environment that inspires collaboration, creativity, and long-term commitment.

  • Succession Planning Services:
    Safeguard the future of your organization with our comprehensive succession planning services. We work closely with you to identify and groom internal talent, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership and maintaining operational continuity.

Find out more about our performance management systems and tools in a face to face meeting.

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