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Coaching Services

Embark on a transformative journey with our coaching programs designed for employees, managers and leaders. Elevate your skill set for current roles and strategically prepare for the next level, exploring a range of focused training solutions meticulously crafted to enhance your professional prowess.


  • Strategic Coaching:
    Sparring with a senior coach whose strategic and behavioural literacy reinforces stamina and stimulates evolution.

  • Executive Coaching:
    Raising awareness of individual characteristics and the impact when overused. The 3 agendas (business, leadership and personal) are examined comparatively and inform each other.

  • Implementation Coaching:
    Coaching combined with training and facilitation, as part of any serious organizational initiative. Transfer at work involves coaching in real settings.

  • Coaching with Neuro-linguistic Programming:
    Navigate business challenges, enhance leadership finesse and transform personally as synergies between the three agendas converge for profound growth.

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching:
    Uncover the intricate interplay of business, leadership and personal realms, fostering profound self-awareness and enriching your holistic growth experience.

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