“Negotiation is 90% psychology and 10% logic. And it is omnipresent.”

If you belong to the growing group of people for whom negotiation is intrinsic to business, you will know that negotiation, to be practiced with ease, skill and comfort, first demands self-knowledge. Next, it demands a natural willingness and capacity to get to know another. And finally, it demands the self control to manage both. Often in tense situations. From knowing, to confidently doing – this is the gap our negotiation programme seeks to bridge.


  • Identifying personal references and systems for negotiating at a high level
  • Recognising our emotions in the context of our contacts with a demanding environment
  • Controlling behaviour and feeling at ease in varying negotiating situations, both within and outside the company
  • Increasing effectiveness through better preparation and better results
  • Fostering active and long-lasting relations with everyone we speak to, avoiding as mediators deadlock situations which prejudice our positions as
  • Enjoying and knowing how to use techniques and tactics