In order to move from understanding the necessity of changes to helping those around them implement changes and endure the consequences, the HR function needs to link the company’s vision with individual motives and goals. Overcoming resistance and proving the value of their contribution across the organization appears as an every-day challenge for HR professionals.

HR influencing programme is for HR practitioners who understand that their success demands not only expertise, but also a real insight into what causes others to behave and react the way they do; Fine tuning their reactions with the cognitive style and/or the emotional needs of different interlocutors allows the HR practitioners to expand their range of influence in the company and add to their professional empowerment.


  • Understanding Change and the Decision Making Process
  • Announcing Change effectively
  • Respoding to the emotional impact of change
  • Resolving difficult and conflictual situations
  • Arbitrating differences
  • Negotiate effectively and dealing with objections
  • Presenting ideas and having them accepted
  • Identifying allies
  • Exemplary behaviour and leading line managers to success

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Classroom Sessions 2023

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