The most challenging period of a personal development initiative is the one that follows the end of formal sessions. It is when the manager gradually tempers his enthusiasm and vision with the inner forces of inertia and habit. Even the most intriguing programmes might not succeed to set up an ongoing self-development apparatus and thus, limit their impact on specific behavioral skills or competencies.

This refresh programme is for past attendees who have witnessed the effect of a positively confrontational mode of communication and the influence our personal change and behavioral stance exerts on others. For those, who are willing to further refine their management approach and move on to previously unidentified areas of exemplary interaction and rapport.


  • Identify novel learning patterns and future development orientation
  • Realise self-blocking thoughts and amalgamate paradoxical qualities
  • Refine behavioral skills and personal mode of communication
  • Reinvent management alternatives and escape habitual reactions
  • Absorb a holistic approach to exemplary behavior and influence
  • Negotiate effectively in front of a group of stakeholders
  • Advance coaching tools and reveal hidden sources of motivation from others
  • Discover deviations and experiment with alternatives on real-life cases
  • Improve your ability to assess the impact of your style on performance/relationships
  • Handle critical management situations and challenges
  • Sharpen up your influencing skills on top hierarchical positions