At HRP, we’re thrilled to spotlight the success of our tailored developmental program catering to Managers and Middle Managers across various functions within Unilever Greece. Our focus on fostering effective feedback and nurturing performance conversations aimed to empower these professionals for enhanced leadership and impactful management.

Spanning an intensive five-day program spread across six months, our initiative incorporated vital tools and expertise to drive lasting change within the organization and the industry. The curriculum encompassed pivotal topics:

  • Effective Feedback Strategies: Equipping managers with techniques to deliver constructive feedback that motivates and drives positive change.

  • Performance Conversation Mastery: Empowering participants to conduct impactful and motivating performance discussions to boost team morale and productivity.

  • Leadership and Communication Skills Enhancement: Refining leadership capabilities and improving communication for influential managerial interactions.

  • On-the-Job Practice Intervals: Embedding learnings into daily roles for practical application and experiential learning.

Common challenges encountered during the program included aligning diverse managerial styles and overcoming resistance to change. Additionally, harmonizing training schedules with ongoing managerial responsibilities posed logistical hurdles, yet our tailored approach addressed these challenges effectively.

Measuring the success of our program involved a multifaceted approach. Pre- and post-training #talogy assessments gauged knowledge enhancement and attitude shifts. Feedback from participants and observed changes in performance conversation dynamics were key indicators of the program’s effectiveness.

The results were noticable: observed improvements in feedback delivery, a noticeable shift in managerial approaches, and an enhanced organizational culture fostering open dialogue and continual growth. HRP is honoured to have contributed to Unilever Greece’s journey of cultivating impactful leadership and fostering a culture of constructive feedback.


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