At #HRP, we’re elated to share the success story of our bespoke developmental program tailored for a renowned Electricity and Energy Company in Greece. This initiative aimed to revolutionize the mindset of 150 managers across the country who are the face of the company’s interactions with customers.

Over three intensive months, our program provided a comprehensive three-day workshop incorporating on-the-job practice intervals to embed learning into real-world scenarios. HRP’s expertise was instrumental in crafting this transformational journey. The following steps were taken:

  • Identifying training needs. Focus groups proved valuable input regarding the sponsors expectations and the participants readiness to accept change.

  • Assessing current situation. Making use of #Talogy tools helped identify the gap between individual/group level and the desired outcome.

  • Delivery of #Krauthammer training modules to participants. The training groups consisted of Shop managers and Managers of Shop Managers to ensure alignment of management style.

Topics covered in the training encompassed:

  • Customer-Centric Leadership: Shifting managerial focus towards customer needs and expectations.

  • Effective Communication: Enhancing interpersonal skills for impactful client interactions.

  • Adaptive Management Styles: Encouraging flexibility and agility in handling diverse employee needs and blocking thoughts.

  • Problem-Solving Techniques: Equipping managers to address challenges swiftly and proactively.

  • Common challenges encountered during the program included breaking through established mindsets and fostering openness to change.

Measuring the program’s success was multifaceted. We employed a pre- and post-training assessment to gauge knowledge and attitude shifts. Additionally, feedback from participants and the observed application of new skills in the workplace were integral in determining the program’s effectiveness. In perfect harmony with the Electricity and Energy Company’s strategic thrust, this developmental initiative echoed its unwavering commitment to placing clients at the forefront. This visionary approach is vividly illustrated through the company’s recent revamping of client-facing venues and stores, symbolizing a devoted effort to enrich the customer journey. Furthermore, substantial investments in digital strategies and a deliberate focus on engaging a younger demographic reflect a conscious drive to shed an antiquated public image. The program seamlessly aligned with this overarching vision, reinforcing the company’s progressive journey towards a more contemporary, customer-centric ethos.

The results were remarkable: an observable shift in managerial styles, very high participant satisfaction scores, and positive feedback from sponsors and managers. HRP is honoured to have contributed to this impactful intervention, and we’re committed to continuing to drive positive change in the corporate landscape. In 2024, one year after the end of this program, we are meeting the same participants – this time in the same classroom with their team members – to work on one more challenging goal: Accountability in the workplace.


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