Greece is in front of a massive digital transformation in its public and private sectors. Organizations of almost any size and industry are assessing their options and expected benefits of a digital transformation investment, whereas a few of them has already undergone such programs. Technology has matured enough to solve complex problems, handle tons of data, automate processes and enhance customer experience.

However, a sound 76% of digital transformation initiatives currently fail. Most of the reasons are related to human intervention. In parallel with “digital”, there is a lot to be done in employee upskilling, change management and cultural transformation.

HRP has created a programme to equip managers deal with these challenges  “Managing Digital Transformation” is a group coaching programme, combining behavioural elements with personal introspection and self-questioning. Instruction, questionnaires, self-observation, group discussion and stretch assignments will be employed to help participants reflect on and expand their strategies. Check out here for more details.