We are thrilled to announce that Lepaya has acquired Krauthammer, securing both organic evolution for our partner and a major step in the #training industry. Lepaya, with a world class portfolio and solutions, is reaching more companies and learners faster.

“We are unique in that our #technology can provide that employee, after having gone through our programs, truly apply the skills we teach on their jobs” said Peter Kuperus, co-CEO of Lepaya. “No other European player can do this at scale.” “I’m really excited to have Krauthammer and Lepaya join forces” said Frans van Kreuningen , CEO of Krauthammer “By combining Krauthammer’s long-standing training quality, with delivery at scale across Lepaya’s platform plus #AI and #VR-powered #learning technology, we will be able to upskill and transform companies at every level of the organization.”

Soon will be back with more news and exciting programs and ideas. Stay with us!